1 Year Anniversary!

We can’t hardly believe it, but we recently celebrated working on the cookbook for one year! I remember taking pictures of Karen and her deliciously prepared food during a cooking class last March.  After the class was over,  we were relaxing with a glass of Malbec and talking about projects to do together in the future. The next thing you know, we were like “we should work on a cookbook together! There’s really nothing out there like what we want to do!”


And so Waste Free Cooking was born.

We recently had a celebratory dinner starting with appetizers and cocktails at Mistral Kitchen, and followed by some seriously delicious food (and a few more cocktails!) at Local 360. We had a great time and we recommend trying those 2 restaurants if you haven’t!


This past year has been exciting, difficult, thrilling, fun, and has involved an extreme amount of hard work. We wouldn’t change it for the world and look forward to our next year together!

Carol & Karen




  1. Susan Kelliher says:

    Congratulatrions on your one year annivcersary. So looking forward to the completion of the book.

    I look foreward to having you do a class and book signing for our Cooking in the Canyon at the Canyon River Ranch in Ellensburg!


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