what to do with all those stems!

I know I know STEMS???? A little know fact is that many stems have more flavor then the leaves or the roots that we use. Take Italian parsley as an example, the leaves delish! The stems even more so, so be sure to minced them up and add them to what ever your making. I love to fry Italian parsley in hot olive oil with garlic smashed flat as a piece of paper, hot chili flakes a good pinch of salt and pepper and toss it all with linguini or other pasta. A grate of Parmesan and a really satisfying dish is made in minutes. How about chard stems, try tossing  them in a little olive oil then oven roasting at 425 for about 10 minutes, drizzle with your favorite vinaigrette for a great side dish or use kale stems by blanching in salted boiling water for a minute or two, rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process and dip in hummus or green goddess for a refreshing vegetable. Use basil stems in your long cooking pasta sauces add in the beginning of the cooking and add the shredded leaves at the end for a one two punch sure to please. I love to use rosemary, thyme or sage stems under my roasted chickens.One of the first chefs that I ever worked with told me to “never throw out flavor”. Keep that in mind this week and use those stems! 


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