The Why, When, and How: Blanching

Blanching, or “par-cooking” (i.e. partially cooking) is one of the simplest cooking techniques to master!


Why: If you’re blanching before freezing, you want to do it to make sure everything freezes properly, so you can enjoy your hard work throughout the winter months! If you’re blanching before serving on a vegetable tray for a party, or to use in another dish, blanching helps make your food easier to eat and digest

When: You want to do it before you freeze any fruits or vegetables, if you have a highly liquid vegetable, such as spinach, that you want to remove some of the water from, or if you want to have some vegetables out for a vegetable tray at a party.

How: Drop your fruits or vegetables into boiling hot water, and let it sit in the water for 10-60 seconds (depending on the fruit or vegetable). Immediately remove from the hot water and place in a bowl of ice cold water to stop the cooking process.


Here is a link to our video about blanching. Feel free to post any questions you may have and we’ll be sure to get back to you!



Karen and Carol


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