The Why, When, and How: 4 Different Phases of Boiling Water

There are different phases of boiling water, depending on what it is needed for. Here we discuss and demonstrate for you..

Why: It’s important to use the correct phase; depending on the need. The wrong stage used with food preparation could mess things up (not to mention ruin your pots and pans and/or make a general mess in the kitchen!)

When: whenever your recipe calls for one of these phases.

How: adjust your stovetop temperature until the desired stage is reached. Be sure to use as many senses as possible! (don’t just use your eyes to see the phase; be sure to listen as well)

Note that K did this video before the name change to Every Bite, but the idea/mentality is the same. Great job K!


Karen and Carol

And may I (C) just say that my favorite parts of this video is 1) the “blub blub blubbing” description at around the 3:08 mark (K always makes me laugh) and that she actually sang a little bit of “Tiny Bubbles” (2:15ish)!  I heart her!

I just had to throw this extra video in because it cracks me up and while K & I are serious about our cookbook, we also love to embrace our quirkiness and silliness! (This also goes out to my sister Susan):


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