2013 IFBC- only two months away!

I am SO excited to be attending the 2013 IFBC this year in Seattle! IFBC stands for International Food Blogger Conference and is known for being the best and the first real conference for food bloggers. I’m so happy that it’s here in Seattle and I will be able to attend. It’s 3 days of what is sure to be a fun, interesting, and informative time for all! I also signed up for the excursion to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville that is on the Thursday afternoon before the conference starts. How awesome is THAT going to be?!

I signed up for this event back in April, so while I was excited about it then, time passed, and it fell off my radar a little (hey, it’s a great summer in Seattle, so I’ve been preoccupied getting as much Vitamin D as I can!). But now it is back on my radar and my excitement has exploded! I’m excited, nervous (I’m a first time attendee), anxious, and just plain beside myself with anticipation! It’s only 2 months from today!

With our green, sustainable-themed cookbook “Every Bite: How to Make the Most of Your Meals” coming out in the Fall of this year, I’m excited to spread the good word about our labor of love, as well as learn more about sustainable and forward-thinking ideas to post here (I will be posting throughout the conference!) and just to know in general so I can better myself about being aware of the environment and our world around us.

Can’t wait for the 2013 IFBC!



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