IFBC 2013- Favorite Speaker Quotes and Comments

Okay okay.. So I’m a little later than a week getting this last post about the conference out. Whoops!


I recently finished transcribing my notes from the recent IFBC conference in Seattle and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. It’s astonishing how many great ideas and quotes there were from such wonderful lectures and speakers. It was such a fun experience.

The main theme of this conference, that really became apparent when transcribing my notes, was community and relationships.
I agree with that and think that to be successful and to grow, both individually and as bloggers and entrepreneurs, is to encourage and support each other. This might sound obvious and cliche, but we are even stronger, even better; with each other.
This theme was not more evident than with the lovely keynote speaker, Dorie Greenspan. After she spoke about her background and how she got to where she is today, her theme focused on “community.” In referencing “Tuesdays with Dorie” and “French Fridays”, she noted that these are about community and about what they’re sharing. She said she’s the catalyst, but it’s not about her. It’s about the group. About the work.
One of my favorite stories she shared was one about inspiration. She was at a book signing with Pierre Herme, and there was a mom there with her adorable child. While he was talking with her, he asked what the child’s name was, and she said “Celeste.” He wrote it down on a scrap of paper, and put it in his pocket. Dorie asked him what he was doing and he said he liked the name. He now has a dessert line called “Celeste.” Her point was that there is inspiration everywhere.
My favorite quote of hers during her speech was “I said yes to things that truly terrified me.”
Pastry Smart, the only bakery company in the US that is certified humane, spoke on the second day (after presenting a beautiful breakfast that morning! Complete with charcuterie- a personal favorite). Their 4 “factors”: organic, humane, quality, and value, guide everything they do. Getting back to the theme of the conference, the CEO and Executive Pastry Chef Mark AInsworth said that it’s all about relationships. Building and maintaining relationships and community are keys to ensuring success. And just to throw out some amazing numbers here: they pay 200% over conventional supply pricing, to ensure they get the best possible ingredients for their products. And, they go through 6,000 pounds of butter a month and about 6,000 eggs a DAY! Good Lord!!
Here are some pictures from the event:
The second day also featured a Food Photography presentation by Andrew Scrivani. Wonderful as always, he really does an all around great presentation. Amazing photos, inspirational quotes and ideas, and just the perfect of humor and humility. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from him that I always try to remember while continuing to pursue my own dreams:
“Don’t be afraid to be fearless as a photographer”
“Food photography goal: connect people to the memories of food”
“Photography is about both light and dark”
“Be confident in your instincts”
“Be true to who you are and don’t give it away for free”
“To be a true professional/have professionalism: you have to be able to make the photos anywhere, anyhow, anytime.”
“Understand your worth”
“There is no substitute for good karma”
Here is a clip from the Food Photography/Cooking Demo with Andrew Scrivani  and Chefs John, Jeffery, and Brian. (I love that at one point in the demo, Chef John called smoked paprika the “bacon of spices”!)
Truly, a fantastic event, and I am already looking forward to IFBC 2014!

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