Informative and Beneficial Sustainability Links

We found a few great links recently that I think you all will find very useful in terms of reducing food waste in the kitchen.

The first is from Bon Appetit about what to do with stale bread and the other is from Food52 about food scraps. They both contain great, “Every Bite” tips!

Bon Appetit: 14 Ways to use Stale Bread

Food52: When to Save Scraps and What to do with Them


The cookbook is still on schedule to come out in April/May of this year! We will keep you posted as we learn more details.

And I (Carol) know I’ve posted this before, but I saw it again the other day on my computer, and felt I had to post again. It just cracks me up so! I mean, who doesn’t love an awesome picture of Homer?! That has to be the most awesome escalator ever!

BM-FV89CcAAAMKj.jpg large


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Every Bite!


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