Lovely piece from Karen about the cookbook

Hi all-
Firstly, let us just mention again (because it’s still so surreal to us still, that maybe saying it some more will help it become a reality!). The cookbook is now available on AMAZON!!

With this excitement, Karen wanted to share her recent experience with you all about the cookbook. It’s quite lovely and very sweet. Enjoy:


“This month our baby was born to the world… we called it Every Bite- how to make the most of your meals. To say it is a labor of love would be an understatement both to the book and to love!

Carol and I came to write this cookbook on a quick conversation after a cooking class and TADA it was conceived! We spent the next year, writing, testing, retesting, rewriting, and working on the cookbook. It was fun, it was hard, and it was really fulfilling.

All the time we were working on it I didn’t tell my folks what I was doing. I just wanted to send it to them and have it be a BIG surprise. I was not disappointed! My Mom was so thrilled and excited, she read it cover to cover and LOVED it. Pa’s eyes aren’t so good any more but he still loved that I had done something so big and cool.
I’m 52 years old and it was one of the highlights of my life to have been able to return the gift that they had given me as a kid. The gift of food, the love of eating, and the gratitude of being able to share it with friends, family, and anyone who wants to cook with less waste and more flavor.

It never gets old to hear your parents say they are proud of you, are thrilled with the person that you have become, and love and support you in what ever you do. Thanks Mom and Thanks Pa for making me so cool…just like you.”

Thank to all for your support and we hope you enjoy eating every delicious bite!

Carol & Karen

Every Bite: How to Make the Most of Your Meals


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