Recent Recipe Testing By a Cookbook User

One of our most favorite parts of the cookbook writing process was when we had people test recipes for us in the early stages. It was so helpful to get their feedback and so much fun to see their pictures posted like that of a proud parent! So you can imagine how excited we were to see a recent Facebook post by a friend of Carol’s making the recipes directly from the final product: Every Bite!

Crissa made some of the chicken recipes from chapter 1. Below is her post from Facebook and the picture collage she made of her lovely creations. Everything about it is so sweet and means the world to us, but the picture is particularly great. We love the shapes and organization of the pictures in the collage and just the nice lighting on each (click on the picture below to see it a bit larger). Carol particularly likes the look and feel of the chicken stock picture.

We look forward to more of Crissa’s great testing and feedback and truly hope she and everyone who buys Every Bite really gets a lot out of it and finds it useful. From day 1, we didn’t want this to be “just another cookbook.” We wanted it to be different and helpful and most of all: tasty!

Thank you to Crissa and all of you out there making the recipes from Every Bite!


“My food experiment has been a success! Using Carol Richardson Marty‘s book (Every Bite) I started by making the Perfect Roasted Chicken, which was AMAZING! Then I used the left over chicken and made the Herbed Chicken and Broccoli (mini) Quiches. Next was The Best Homemade Chicken Stock which I used along with the rest of the chicken to make Chicken Tortilla Soup! Such a great concept for a cookbook, yum!”



Much love-Carol & Karen

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