Great Tips Shared at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market

While we were out at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market today (to both promote Every Bite and to enjoy this fantastic Seattle weekend!), we learned some great tips while talking to other cooks.

Karin shared a great and creative way to use up leftover salmon. She makes a “mashed potato and salmon quesadilla.” She takes a tortilla and then spreads leftover mashed potatoes around it, tops it with crumbled leftover salmon (it can be smoked or any other kind of leftover salmon you might have from a previous dinner), and some cheese, and places another tortilla on top. Heat it through and voila! You have a fantastic and tasty use of leftover mashed potatoes and salmon!

Amy B. also had a great suggestion for leftover salmon. She makes what she calls “salmon rice.” Saute a little green bell pepper and garlic (or whatever you have in your fridge) together and then add in some leftover rice or even quinoa. Crumble in your leftover salmon and you have a delicious side dish, or even a main meal.

Thank you Karin and Amy and everyone else for stopping by our table today and chatting with us! We love to hear all of your ideas!

Here’s Karen after we just got set up:


Authors Selfie!

KB & CM-WSFM-6.1.14
C & K


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