“Zero Waste Week”- Sept 1st-7th

Mark your calendars! “Zero Waste Week” is only 3 days away!

ZWW logo

What is “Zero Waste Week” you ask?! It’s a week spent focusing on waste generated and how we can work together to reduce it; as an individual, as part of your local community, and as part of the worldwide community. While it is important to think about this year round, this is designed to be a focused way to generate attention to the problem of waste. The theme of the week is “One More Thing.”

Zero Waste Week was started 7 years ago by Rae Strauss in the UK, when she and her family began to really think about their impact on the planet after the devestating Boscastle flood of 2004. Rae has included more background information about the origins of Zero Waste Week, as well as other useful information such as pledge ideas, news and blog posts, resources, and recipes.

We personally just love how Rae has “Use it Up” recipes which are like our “Last Bite” recipes at the end of each chapter in the cookbook!

View her introductory video on the main page of the site:


I (Carol), have been getting fewer and fewer plastic bags at the stores in general, but I am going to make a pledge to not get any at all next week. I’ve also not had a food compost bin on my kitchen countertop (will just normally take what I can out to the compost bin in the backyard), so I’m pledging to finally get one of those! And next week seems like the perfect time to do that!

Thank you Rae for your contribution to reducing waste and for all your hard work.


Carol & Karen


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