Video Shoot Day and Some Really Cool Prawns

Since getting the hard copy, as well as the Kindle version and the Nook version of “Every Bite” launched, Karen and I have wanted to focus on a more interactive, and, hopefully, even more helpful version of the cookbook. So we got together with our friends Jen and Connie to develop an I-tunes book!

So, this past Saturday, all of our schedules aligned, and Karen and I met Jen and Connie at another friend’s lovely home to shoot several instructional videos for the book. To say it was an intense day was an understatement! We ended up shooting 23 videos in 3 hours. All of them were fairly short, but still: it adds up!

I was actually way more nervous than K, so luckily for me, she did most of them (and lucky for everyone, because otherwise with all my retakes, we would have been there much longer!). I tell you what: I have a new found respect for any actor-whether that be someone from the Food Network, or on a series tv show or movie. It’s definitely a special craft to be able to talk or say certain things without focusing on the fact that you’re been video taped, and this is potentially going out to a lot of people!

Our favorite “participant” in the videos might have been the giant freshwater prawns Karen got at the store to demonstrate peeling and deveining. We thought they were SO cool!


Many of these instructional videos will be in the I-tunes book, and some will also be posted here on the blog, as well as social media outlets such as youtube and twitter. So stay tuned!



Amazon (hard copy and Kindle):

Barnes & Noble (Nook):


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