IFBC 2013- Favorite Speaker Quotes and Comments

Okay okay.. So I’m a little later than a week getting this last post about the conference out. Whoops! I recently finished transcribing my notes from the recent IFBC conference in Seattle and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. It’s astonishing how many great ideas and quotes there were from such wonderful […]

IFBC 2013, Seattle. Some First Thoughts….

I signed up so long ago. In a galaxy far far away.. (ha! had to randomly throw in a little Star Wars there. I DO have a Vader and Stormtrooper flash drive after all!) Okay okay, so it was really only 5 months, but still: it seemed to take forever! And after months of patiently […]

2013 IFBC- only two months away!

I am SO excited to be attending the 2013 IFBC this year in Seattle! IFBC stands for International Food Blogger Conference and is known for being the best and the first real conference for food bloggers. I’m so happy that it’s here in Seattle and I will be able to attend. It’s 3 days of […]