We Did It!

It’s official! We’re PUBLISHED authors!   We received our complimentary and marketing copies earlier this week and the book looks wonderful! We’re really very please with how it turned out and feel that the whole piece truly represents us and what we were trying to accomplish when this idea first came about 3 years ago. […]

“Food Waste: Why Almost Half Our Food is Never Eaten”

K found this really interesting piece from KCRW’s “To the Point” about food waste. It’s definitely worth taking the time to listen to this. We found it quite helpful and informative. The “food waste” discussion starts around the 8:30 mark: KCRW’s “To the Point”: Food Waste- Why Almost Half Our Food is Never Eaten Just […]

New Videos!

Hi everyone! Here are a couple of quick videos K did to show you how to debeard mussels and peel shrimp. Debearding mussels: Most mussels have what is commonly called a “beard.” The beard is made of fibers called byssal threads that emerge from the mussel’s shell near the bottom (or the “hinge”) and are what […]

Food Waste in America article & Some Great News

Just wanted to share this interesting and informative piece about food waste in America that I came across this evening. This is exactly why we feel the timing and content of our book is so important. http://in.gredients.com/2013/01/23/food-waste-in-america/ And on that note of the cookbook, we signed the contract with a publisher and are working with […]