The Why, When, and How: Sharpening a Knife

Our hostest with the mostest Karen will discuss and demonstrate the why, the when, and the how of sharpening a knife. Keeping knives sharpened in your kitchen is so important and is really very easy to do. It only takes a few minutes! Check out K in the video below: Advertisements

The Why, When, and How: Smashing Garlic and Cutting Round Vegetables

To Smash or not to Smash? Here we discuss and demonstrate for you, as well as how to easily cut round vegetables that tend to want to roll and get away from you! Why: smashing garlic helps get the most flavor out of the clove, and it helps make chopping the clove easier, because it […]

Olive Oil, “Culination”, and the Rollie EggMaster

Here is a nice piece from The Splendid Table about what “Extra Virgin” olive oil really means. It’s very interesting and informative, and comes complete with a video, recipe, and recommendations. What “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil really means ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, apparently over half of Americans would rather do taxes than making and eating a homemade […]

Video and Link from America’s Test Kitchen

Just wanted to share a video and link that we saw over the weekend from America’s Test Kitchen. The video is about the best way to cook good, crispy bacon, without it being too crispy and charred. Now I (C) love bacon, so I’m going to have to try this very soon. The technique looks […]

Shelf Life of Food

I came across this fantastic poster of different foods’ shelf life. It’s really helpful and a great way to visualize everything. I just thought this was so great and informative. You might want to print out and put on your refrigerator! Below is the link to the poster (thank you Design Taxi-it’s such a great […]